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Handmade shoes & Accessories

Our Story

With ten years in shoe retail, and previously designing children's and adults clothing. Ruqayyah Tancemore, an American shoe boutique owner decided to create her own shoe brand. But she wanted to create a brand that had purpose and strong meaning in life. So this was the beginning of the Thaqafah brand.

Thaqafah was created out of a genuine love for beautiful unique shoes, that started at a very young age for Ruqayyah. Love of traveling, people, cultures, and a passion for helping others is what drives the brand.

Thaqafah is Arabic for "culture". The idea for the brand came about and was named so, because of our love for the Arabic language and the rich culture that the eastern world has from footwear to food.

The very first time Thaqafah came into reality was after seeing some really funky Shargiy sandals also known as Saudi Sandals, totally blinged out for women. The shoes were originally worn by men in the Saudi region but now Saudi designers are diversifying them to include both genders.

Secondly we read a post in gulf news shortly after researching these beautiful creations, regarding the dying craft of the Shargiy sandals that were being abandoned by locals for more "modern" and "western" style shoes. So we thought , "hey why not just add some modern twists to an old craft", and thus Thaqafah was born.

And lastly, we had always been fascinated with Turkish,Indian, and Moroccan handicrafts and footwear, this is how we included these collections into the Thaqafah family. Much do to reading the same things about the declining knowledge of shoe making in these cultures , as well as little production of these crafts into the main stream.

The very same cultures that top fashion designers draw their inspirations from to create their upcoming line of clothing or shoes, is now here to step up and make an impact on the footwear world.

Thaqafah is a vehicle to make this happen.

What makes Thaqafah different?

With each shoe that we provide, there is a story and a history behind the style. We will educate our consumers on the names of our shoes , as well as what region they come from according to collection.

We have a total of six collections with inspirations from the Ottoman Empire, to the Mohajori royals of India , and let us not forget the Moors of Spain. There will be lots to come from Thaqafah. As long as there are shoes we plan to be around for some time.

"The world is a wonderful learning ground, open your eyes, mind, soul, and enjoy".

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