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Handmade shoes & Accessories

Thaqafah was created to preserve, help, educate, and promote awareness regarding the magnificence of custom handmade shoes from around the world and the talented artisans who have generational knowledge and skill in making these beautiful shoe creations and accessories.

Our aim is to provide jobs , opportunity, livelihood, and happiness to the men and women who love what they do and are best at it. By supporting Thaqafah, you help to preserve history, ancient crafts, and be apart of global sustainability.

All of our shoes are being produced by small family shoe makers, usually located in small towns and shops, as well as villages in India, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. All handmade and hand-stitched by skilled artisans of the craft.

Become a minimalist by choosing well and buying less, and enjoy handmade footwear that has been made with all natural materials that don't harm the environment, while making life better for your fellow man and his family.

Handmade shoes wear well and are made to last. Each shoe shows the unique talent of the creator. The shoes get better with time, and leave an impression on both the wearer and those around them.

We as a global community can help make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate, by doing the very things that we love to do (shopping). You can feel proud when wearing Thaqafah shoes, because not only will you be wearing history, but you will be making a difference with every purchase.

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